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Premium reseller setup platform /web page


First thing you will need to do to setup your premium reseller web page you must be a register reseller from for free,  after successful registration login to the admin page given to you by your email or sent to you by SMS. 

Input your username and password 🔑 


After successful login  you will need to navigate the menu bar 

And click on configuration and sub menu will now show up then click on setup 


After clicking on setup you will need to fill all the field as it was in this pics. All field are necessary 


And this how it's looks after setup has been complete 

1. Step means the name of your company or business name

2. Step means the name of your website You want to use on this platform 

3. Step means the description of your services 

4. Step means your phone number 

5. Step means your email address 

6. Step means the sender I'd that will appear on sending message to your usrs

Then click save. That's all about setup page next is 

How to set the theme of your website 

Setting the theme of your website allowed you to set the way your website page would look like. 

 Click on theme in that same configuration menu 

 Now choose which of the theme you would like to be active. After successful next would be


This is the welcome message you would like to send to your newly registered user


 After successfully saved next would be


Here we give you the opportunity to implement your own social links like Facebook page and twitter 


After successful saved next would be 

Logo / Favicon 

We have to make everything easy such that you have to add your own logo or leave blank if not have a logo or Favicon yet

After that next step would be 


 In this area you are allowed to upload your own slider image 


This is how it's looks like after uploading has been complete 

After successfully saved next would be

Create / Add website 

This is how your website now come to lives and started working once you add your website URL 

Notice: make sure the website you add here is the same as the one you add in setup page. 

That's all about configuration page on premium reseller next step would be



 This is were you need to setup your page content that explain the services you are in to

First of all still on menu bar click on pages 


A sub menu will now show up click on 


This is were you Will need to setup an index page that explain what services your platform / website offers 




Things about kenspay reseller program is that we provide you with all our effort to make sure you lack not and keep your website running 

All you need to do at this point copy the code at the textbox after the image and pest on the page and click save 

Now that's all about home page next step would be

About page

This is where you explain what services you are into and things about your company 



Copy and pest the code above in the about page


That's all about setting up a premium reseller webpage 


Next is premium pro.