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We have to know that setting up a premium pro reseller platform is also same thing with premium reseller setup platform .

The difference is there is something that premium pro has which premium reseller did not have that difference is what we are going to implement here,  we advice that you should setup your premium pro reseller page with the instructions in premium reseller after that you will now visit this premium pro page to complete the setup that was not specify on premium reseller. 

Now we are going to add Bank account on your premium pro reseller page

Click on bank at the sub menu in the configuration .

This bank is where your users 👥 can be able to make payment to your bank account so that you can credit them after confirming the payment. 

 This is how it will look like after clicking on bank


The field contain bank name,  account name, account number and the logo of the bank , view the sample image below 


This is how it will look like after implement what is necessary on the field. 


While below image is how it will looks like after successfully saved 

you can add as many account number has you have no limit. Next would be 


Adding Contact page 

 Contact page is where your registered users can be able to contact you when they has any complain or the other so that they can reach out to you .


Click on the pages sub menu at the menu bar then click on contact 


After clicking on the contact page the open area will look like this


Then type your contact information into it or copy and pest into it the contact sample we have given to you in the open box below 

 Copy and pest



After pesting it the content would look like this

Then you have to click on save at the bottom of the text area 

That's all about premium pro reseller page next would be reseller express