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Notice We have to know that setting up a premium Express reseller platform is also same thing with premium and premium pro reseller setup platform .

The difference is their is something that premium express has which premium and premium pro reseller did not have that difference is what we are going to implement here,  we advice that you should setup your premium express reseller page with the instructions in premium and premium pro reseller after that you will now visit this premium express page to complete the setup that did not specify on premium and premium pro reseller. 


Adding customize page 

Custom page is were you can add additional content of your own maybe you have other services you would like to implement on this webpage so that your registered or visitors can see it,  you can add as many as you like. 


Creating your own customized webpage click on the sub menu on the menu bar and click on custom pages after the it will look like this 

Then click on create page and after successfully opened it would look like this

First is the title of the page while next is your description of content and next is the link 🔗 to the other page while next to it is the sort number 
It would looks like this after filling in all the box
Then click save.  After successfully saved it will looks like this 
That's all you need to know about setting up customized page
If any difficulty contact us through our contact info.